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Cooley Health Isolation Transformation  | 5 week  Home Fitness

mind, & nutrition program.


          There has never been a better time to look after yourself and stay connected with people. Being in isolation can make you feel so many different feelings - sadness, anxiety, loneliness, unproductive, unhealthy and sedentary. Fall in love with yourself again (or maybe for the first time ever).

The Cooley Health ISOLATION TRANSFORMATION Program is a 5 week program that is designed for all of us in ISOLATION @ HOME. It combines Nutrition, Fitness Classes, Mindset changes, and most importantly connection with others to completely change the way you think, eat, work out – AND how you feel about yourself. This program can be done no matter where you live on earth!

Designed to make you smile through isolation and create the confidence you’ve always wanted. PLUS a healthy dose of good fun and lots of laughs. We NEED TO KEEP CONNECTED and this program will do just that.

The Cooley Health ISOLATION TRANSFORMATION Program is for EVERY body. 

Ask yourself, why do you ACTUALLY exercise?

Is it…

  • To work off last night’s dessert?
  • To pre-burn calories so I can eat all the pizza, chips, lollies?
  • To see the number on the scales get lower?
  • Because everyone else does?
  • Because I HAVE to workout otherwise I’ll feel guilty?
  • Because every time I look in the mirror I point out everything I hate?

​Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before!

But here’s the problem…

Every time you go to exercise it feels like punishment. It feels like you’re making up for not being ‘good enough’.

You end up feeling terrible every time you put on your gym clothes (if you make it that far) or even think about your next exercise routine.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a form of punishment to your body. Imagine if you could exercise AND have fun at the same time? Our wish for you is to learn to LOVE your body. Our fitness classes makes you smile and create the confidence you’ve been dreaming of. When you have confidence, you'll feel great!

Introducing 'The Cooley Health ISOLATION TRANSFORMATION’

The Cooley Health ISOLATION TRANSFORMATION is a 5 week online program that combines Cooley Health Fitness classes, mindset nutrition and accountability that will help you fall in love with your body again ( and it’s actually fun).

During the 5 weeks, you will get…

  • A  digital program workbook, filled with fun activities to help you build your self confidence and track your Cooley Health ISOLATION TRANSFORMATION progress.
  • New Cooley Health inspired workouts each week. Including Pilates, Yoga, Boxing, Piloxing Barre, Stretching/Foam Roller and Trampilates.
  • Weekly Group Health & Nutrition Coaching Sessions where you will connect with other members with similar interests.
  • The tools and mindset switches to transform our self-hate to self-love in this challenging time.
  • Meal Plan examples to guide you to eat well and track your energy input.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group to stay connected with others and we’ll be there to answer all your questions as well as check-in to keep you feeling motivated and on track.
  • New healthy recipes every week on your exclusive member page.
  • CONNECTION and be surrounded by like-minded people who accept who you are and where you’re at with your physical ability and mindset.
  • Direct access to Suzanne and Rawinia. They will be your personal cheer squad for the entire 5 weeks to keep you accountable and motivated.

It is more than just the physical movement...

The game changer to create your new loving relationship with exercise, nutrition, connectivity and your body is your mindset.

This program is perfect for you if…

  • ISOLATION is getting you out of routine and you need to get motivated again.
  • No matter what you try, you just can’t get motivated and stick to a workout lifestyle routine.
  • You’ve been wanting to try our classes forever but it’s all a bit too much but can't find a time that suits you.
  • You’re sick of putting off your life because you’re worried about what you look like and what other people think of you.
  • You want to be surrounded by positivity and others who support you to live healthy and happy.
  • You want to actually ENJOY exercise. You don’t want your workout to be a chore on your list you tick off because you ‘have to’.
  • Look after your most precious gift... YOUR MIND! 

Does your health need MORE personal attention?

  • Option to upgrade to the BONUS program which includes a personal Health & Nutrition Coaching Session with Suzanne! Take advantage of our discounted rate (save 55%).


How much will it cost?

One Person

  • All of this for $59 (under $12/week!)
  • Bonus Program (includes 1 x 1 hour Health & Nutrition Coaching session): $89


  • 2 X People for $99!
  • Bonus Program (includes 2 x 1 hour Health & Nutrition Coaching session each): $159

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