suzanne cooley

Your Qualified Pilates (& Fitness)Instructor/Health & Nutrition Coach

Suzanne has been teaching Pilates since 2009. After giving birth to twin girls in 2004, Suzanne was introduced to Pilates and instantly fell in love with how Pilates changed her body shape and made her body feel. She decided that she wanted learn how to teach Pilates for her own well-being and began the road of study whilst working full time in 2007.

Suzanne loves great health for herself and her family. She is truly passionate about preparing and eating 'clean' food to fuel her family and make their bodies run at theirbest. For years clients would ask her questions about health and nutrition that she decided to study to be a qualified Health & Nutrition Coach and has run 10 Health and Fitness Challenges.

Suzanne has obtained her Certificate III and IV in fitness, beginner and advanced mat Pilates certificate, Swiss ball, foam roller, magic circle, limited rehab pilates as well as her qualification to teach pregnancy Pilates and Barre Fitness. Suzanne has been trained by Bootybarre founder Tracey Mallett.. In 2015, she acquired her Piloxing and Piloxing Barre qualifications. 

She also holds a Bachelor degree in communication and journalism, is a qualified Health & Nutrition Coach nd is a qualified personal trainer and aqua fitness instructor. she is currently obtaining her ICF Coaching qualification (International Coaching Federation). 

rawinia butterworth

Your Qualified Pilates/Fitness Instructor

Rawinia found her passion in Pilates right here at Cooley Health Clinic many years ago. She hasn't missed a week of classes since she started and loved how Pilates gave her strength and changed her body shape. So much so, she decided to become a Pilates, Bootybarre, Piloxing, Piloxing Barre and Punchfit instructor. Rawinia has obtained her Certificate III and IV in fitness, beginner and advanced mat Pilates certificate. She has also assisted in all the Cooley Health Clinic Health & Nutrition Challenges.

There is no obstacle course in South East Queensland Rawinia has not participated in. You will find her inspiring and encouraging anyone in her path to move their bodies whatever fitness level they are. She was meant to inspire people to get fit and healthy which is evident to everyone who comes through the Cooley Health doors. She is a vital part of the Cooley Health Clinic team!

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